How To Tell If a Girl Wants To Fuck

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Guys, there’s no sweeter feeling in the world than knowing that a girl wants to fuck you. She’s smoking hot, she’s got a great body – and she wants YOU.

But here’s the thing: Unless you know how to tell if a girl wants to fuck or not, you could miss out. You might miss ALL her signals, which causes her to get bored and move on.

Or, worse still, you misread her signals and assume she wants to fuck – even though she DOESN’T want to fuck.

I know, it can be confusing. But in this article I’m going to show you exactly how to tell if a girl wants to fuck. After you’ve read this, you’ll know exactly when to make a move, and when not to make a move.


She Gets Physically Close To During Conversation

Ever talked to a girl you’re not sexually attracted to? For instance, a friend or a colleague.

You know the score – the two of you maintain a socially acceptable distance from one another. You give each space. It’s the totally normal thing to do.

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But what about that time you were at a party, chatting to a girl who suddenly started to move closer towards you while you were talking to her?

Yeah, it happens. And it can only mean one thing: She wants to fuck you.

Maybe you took a step backwards to give yourself some more breathing space … only for her to get right up close to you again!

Girls do this (and guys do this, too). If she wants to fuck, she wants to be near you. Even if you’re just shooting the breeze about nothing in particular, she will move in so close that you could easily give her a kiss.

Now, it can be easy to misread this signal if you never look at the context. For example, if a colleague shifts closer to you, it most likely doesn’t mean she’s sexually aroused. It probably means she just wants to be able to hear you better. If, on the other hand, you’re on a date and she inches closer to you? She’s probably wet.


She Touches You Playfully

This is a sign that so many guys ignore, and I can never understand why.

I hear it from guys all the time: “Dude, I was on a date with this girl and she touched me a few times playfully, like a slap on the shoulder. What does that mean?”

It means that she wants to have some fun with you.

Girls generally will not touch a guy unless they’re interested in you. The moment they start touching your shoulder, your arm and especially your thigh and chest is the moment you have to seriously consider that she wants sex with you. She’s sending you all the right signals and it’s up to you to react.


She Looks You In The Eyes When Talking To You

True, girls look you in the eyes when talking to you even if they’re not sexually attracted to you in that moment.

But it’s rare that a girl looks you in the eyes SO MUCH unless she wants to fuck you.

Moreover, there’s a really subtle clue that you must look out for: If a girl is talking to you (or sexting to you) and her gaze flits from one eye to the other, it’s a HUGE sign that she wants to jump into bed with you as soon as possible.

Essentially, without even realising it, girls can’t take their eyes away from you when they’re hot for sex. That saying “I only have eyes for you”? It’s real. If a girl doesn’t seem to be noticing anything else that’s going on in the room but you, you can take it as read that she wants to get inside your pants.


She Wants To Hang Out With You (Alone)

I remember one time when I was trying to get into this girl. We were meant to be going out on a Friday night and then she realised that she’d also invited another male friend along. I could feel the sense of disappointment in her voice when the realisation dawned on her.

Basically, she wanted me and I wanted her, and now this other friend was in the way.

The point here is that when a girl who normally hangs out in groups just wants to see you and no one else at the same time, it’s another massive signal that she wants to fuck you. Don’t mess it up. Go and see her and flirt your ass off.


She Asks About Your Love Life

Think about it: What other reason could a girl have for inquiring about your love life if she wasn’t interested in you sexually?

“Maybe she’s just being polite.”


If a girl is interested in you in that way, she will look to find out whether or not you’ve got a girlfriend. She might ask really casually, but the fact that she is asking at all suggests she wants you.


She’s Relaxed And Responds Positively Around You

When a girl isn’t sure about a guy, and especially if she’s feeling creeped out and just wants to leave, her body language will be very rigid. She’ll sit at a distance from you, she’ll rush her drink, and she won’t respond positively to any kind of advance you make.

On the other hand, if she wants to fuck you, she’ll be relaxed, she’ll play with her hair, and she’ll respond positively to your advances. For example, if you touch her, she’ll enjoy it. If you compliment her, she’ll love it. If you lean in when talking to her, she will lean in, too. She will MIRROR you.



Knowing how to tell if a girl wants to fuck or not can be the difference between getting laid and going home empty handed.

Use the tips in this article to help you know what to do whenever you’re out with a girl next.

And if you still mess things up? Buddy, you’re on your own.

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