Top 12 Tips To Help You Fuck Better

Tips to help fuck better

When you fuck better, you achieve two things:

First, you’re able to satisfy the other person who’s dying to fuck you, which means they’ll keep coming back for more (and they won’t be able to keep their hands off you if you’re a monster in bed).

Two, you’ll get way more pleasure out of sex.

Essentially, being good at fucking guarantees that you’ll have more sex. After all, if there’s one thing we all crave in life, it’s a good fuck. And if someone isn’t giving us what we want, we instantly move on.

The good news for you is that in this article I’m sharing with you 12 red hot tips that will help you fuck better.

Engines at the ready? Let’s go.


Watch More Porn


Whilst everyone always tells you that “real sex isn’t like porn,” that’s only because they’re really boring in bed themselves.

Fucking – when done right – can be just like porn.

Naturally, you probably won’t have the stamina of a top-rated porn star. But there are so many tricks you can learn just from watching porn videos that will turn you into a superstar in bed.

Plus, you’ll also learn more about what the opposite sex really wants you to do to them in bed.

(Pro tip: The reason many of us watch porn is because we wish someone was doing that to US in real life)

There’s a lot of free porn out there, so what’re you waiting for?


Ask What They Want You To Do To Them

One of my biggest gripes when having sex is when the other person doesn’t give me any direction. I ask them what they prefer, and they say “I don’t know.”

It’s a frustrating answer because a) it means you’ll find it harder to satisfy them, and b) it’s not helping you learn.

See, being a good fuck is all about knowing how to pleasure the other person. Unless you sleep with people who tell you what makes them feel good, you might struggle to gain any real experience.

So, next time you have sex, don’t remain silent and selfish. Ask them what they want you to do to them.


Learn What YOU Want

As well as knowing more about what they want, it’s also really important that you know what turns you on.

Otherwise, you’ll both struggle to have fun under the sheets. This is especially true with your fuckbuddy.


Get Fit and Healthy

Now, I’m not saying that “bigger” people can’t be good fucks. Of course they can.

But being healthier and fitter inevitably makes us feel good about ourselves. And when we feel good about ourselves, we’re more confident to fuck like a champion.

Not just that, but being in shape gives you more staying power in bed. You can fuck once, twice or even ten times in one day.

The best thing to do is to do some cardio workouts, as these will get your heart pumping (exactly what you need if you’re to improve your stamina).


Use Your Tongue

The human tongue is one of the best sexual organs you possess (if not the absolute best). And yet it’s criminally underrated.

Your tongue can do everything – it can talk dirty, it can kiss, it can lick, it can eat. It can go places you never thought it could go, and it can do SO MUCH.

Plus, your partner will go wild with desire if you start to lick them out way more often with your tongue.

Pro tip: Try curling your tongue during kissing.


Explore Your Own Body

The next time you’re alone in bed, spend some time properly exploring your body. Touch yourself in places you’ve never touched yourself before. Do things to yourself you’ve never done before. By learning more about your own body, you’ll know more about what to do to your partner’s body in order to send their state of arousal soaring into the stratosphere.


Film Yourself Masturbating

Not only is filming yourself masturbating sexy, it’s also a great way to build up your confidence as you grow more comfortable with your own body.

When you film yourself, picture someone watching you. It will feel incredibly liberating, and it will help you as you explore your own body.


Indulge In Outercourse

There are those who prefer to get straight to intercourse, and those who just LOVE outercourse.

And you know what makes you better at fucking? Getting good at outercourse.

Outercourse is when you have sex with your clothes on. For example, dry humping is a form of outercourse.

It can be a MASSIVE turn-on and helps to prepare you both for the real thing.


Sext From Work

The thing with fucking is that some people are just really boring at it.


Many reasons.

But I firmly believe that one of the main reasons some people are boring is because they don’t know how to build sexual tension.

Pro tip: Spend your day at work getting all flustered and in the mood for a good fuck by sexting from the office. By the time you get home, you’ll be an absolute animal that’s gagging for it.


Use Your Hands

Hands are very sexy – and they’re an absolute weapon during sex.

Trace the other person’s body with your hands and fingers. Use your hands to spread their lips, pull them close to you and explore their body.


Fuck In Front Of a Mirror

What could possibly be sexier than sex itself?

Fucking in front of a mirror.

Watching you both fuck like animals is incredibly arousing and can do wonders for the way you have sex.


Drink Less

I saved this tip for last because a lot of people won’t wanna read it. But alcohol decreases your sexual desire and – for men – it can even prevent you from getting hard.

If you want to be in tip-top sexual condition the next time you fuck, avoid alcohol altogether that day.



You’re now in a position to fuck better than you ever have done in your life. Use the tips in this article to improve your sex life and land the sexual partner you deserve.

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