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Top 12 Tips To Help You Fuck Better

Tips to help fuck better

When you fuck better, you achieve two things: First, you’re able to satisfy the other person who’s dying to fuck you, which means they’ll keep coming back for more (and they won’t be able to keep their hands off you if you’re a monster in bed). Two, you’ll get way more pleasure out of sex.…

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How To Go From a Fuck Buddy To a Relationship

Fuck buddy to relationship

Did you find a fuck friend on OnlyFuck? well, Fuck buddies can be really awesome, and I wrote all about the benefits here. But there eventually comes a time when we invariably want something MORE than what we’re getting. We still want the sex, but we also want an emotional connection. We want to receive…

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Proven Ways To Get a Fuck Buddy

Proven ways to get a fuckbuddy

Fuck buddies are a lot of fun. They’re always on call, which means sex is available on tap. And because they’re just your buddy, you don’t need to be responsible for them. In other words, it’s sex without the drama and baggage that comes with a full-on, committed relationship. Boom. One snag: How do you…

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How To Tell If a Girl Wants To Fuck

Fuck now

Guys, there’s no sweeter feeling in the world than knowing that a girl wants to fuck you. She’s smoking hot, she’s got a great body – and she wants YOU. But here’s the thing: Unless you know how to tell if a girl wants to fuck or not, you could miss out. You might miss…

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Best Places to Have Sex with Your Fuck Friend

Place to have sex

When you have a fuck friend, the world is full of sexy opportunities. Say goodbye to the days when sex was only for the bedroom. With a fuck friend, you can explore a huge variety of places to fuck. If you’re still on a mission to find that perfect fuck buddy, check out my article…

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Best Sex Advice for Women

Sex advice for women

Get into sexting If you’re really looking for ways to have better sex, I highly recommend sexting. Not only is it a fun and sexy activity, but it also helps to build anticipation throughout the day or week. If you find that the spark has gone out of your relationship, sexting is a super-easy way…

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5 Ways to Improve Sex with Your Fuckbuddy

mprove sex

So, you have a fuck buddy you found on First off– congratulations! Having a fuck buddy gives you the best parts of a relationship without worrying about the serious stuff. In other words, it’s all about sex. But what if your sex life with your fuck buddy is a little lackluster? No need to…

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Top Hookup Mistakes You Should Never Make

Top Hookup Mistakes

Hooking up is, without a doubt, one of the best activities out there. Who doesn’t love great casual sex? If you don’t have a hookup buddy, let me stop you right there. You’re going to want to take a look at my article on exactly how to find a casual fuck friend first.  Now, all that being…

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How To Find a Friend With Benefits (FWB) Online?

Friend With Benefits

Friends with benefits are awesome. You get to have steamy, red hot sex without all the usual emotional baggage and drama that comes with a relationship. It’s just two people having raw sex. And the best thing? Your friend is literally on call. Whenever you want sex, you can give them a sext to let…

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9 Tips For Sexting Your Fuck Buddy

Sexting fuck buddy now

The thing with fuck buddies is that you usually just fuck ‘em and crack on with your life. It’s no-strings-attached sex. You’re free to fuck without any of the emotional baggage that comes from a full-blown relationship. That said, a fuck buddy doesn’t have to be just someone you only speak to when you fuck.…

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