5 Reasons You Need A Fuck Buddy

Reasons you need fuckbuddy

Bored, want sex – but don’t want the drama of a long-term, committed relationship?

I hear you. I was the same as you a few months ago.

And that’s why I went out and got a fuckbuddy.

Fuck buddies are great. You get sex but you also get your own space and freedom. It’s an amazing deal.

If you’re wondering whether or not to go for it and get yourself one, here are 5 reasons you need a fuck buddy:


They’re So Much Fun

Okay, let me get this one out of the way right away. The number one reason anyone needs a fuck buddy is because fuck buddies are FUN.

Just think for a moment about all the worst aspects of a relationship.

The drama.

The tears.

The emotions.

The fights.

The in-laws.

The days where you have to do something you really don’t wanna do.

The nights where you have to stay in with your partner when you’d rather be in the town with your pals.

Now think about the best thing about a relationship, and what makes it so much fun.

The sex, in other words.

Well, a fuck buddy is basically sex without the drama. You get naked, you frolic, and maybe you even experiment sexually. And you just know there won’t be any fights or any unreasonable demands. Once the sex is done, you have have a laugh, a chat – and go home and get on with your life. Amazing. So much fun.


Everyone Needs Sex – Including You

We’ve all got friends who stimulate us in different ways. Some are intellectual and offer great conversation. Others are funny and are great to be around. Others are just really chilled and help us wind down.

But what happens when you just want sex? Who can you turn to? You could just go to your Funny Friend and hope a few jokes make you feel better. But they won’t. You’ll still want sex.

Everyone needs sex, and everyone deserves sex. And – really – sex is just an act like any other act. Just like you go to a bar with one friend, you can have sex with another. That’s all there is to it.

If you know you need sex but aren’t letting yourself get any simply because “I don’t want a relationship,” you’re practising self-denial. And self-denial will inevitably lead to depression.

Need sex? Go out and get yourself a fuck buddy.


There’s Nothing Emotional About A Fuck Buddy

I had a buddy once who was wondering whether or not he should get himself a fuck buddy.

One of the reasons he ultimately refused was because he was worried that they would get emotionally involved.

“Maybe she’d end up liking me too much and that would ruin everything,” he lamented.

Here’s the thing: If you’re afraid of that, you go out and find yourself a fuck buddy who’s on the same level as you are. Maybe they’ve had a fuck buddy before and know how this works. They want the same thing you want – sex without strings.

You know, as opposed to finding a fuck buddy who’s already bought a wedding dress that she wears every morning while waiting for Prince Charming to come along.

The easiest way to find a fuck buddy who wants sex without the emotional baggage is to use an app like AdultFriendFinder. Here, you’ll find all kinds of horny fuck buddies who know how this works.

Also, if you’re truly worried about things turning emotional, make sure to set clear boundaries AS SOON AS YOU’VE HAD SEX. If you don’t have this conversation, things can go down the wrong route. But as long as you’re open and honest about what you want to get out of this, you will be A-okay.


It Doesn’t Have To Be Exclusive

I say doesn’t have to be exclusive because it’s really up to the two people involved to decide how exclusive they want their fuck buddy relationship to be.

Some will prefer to have just the one fuck buddy, while others will prefer to have two or three. It’s all about how many you can handle.

After all, who here among us has the energy to have 5+ fuck buddies on the go at the same time?

In this way, fuck buddies are really flexible. If you want to have just the one fuck buddy, and if you want to be their only fuck buddy, this is something you can talk about. If, on the other hand, you want the freedom to fuck whoever you damn well like whenever you damn well like, this is also something you can talk about.


You’re Having Sex With a Friend

You know what was amazing about my fuck buddy?

They were also my friends.

Just like I get to go to the ball game with some of my friends, or go on a road trip with them, I also got to have sex with one of them.

And let me tell you – it was awesome.

See, it’s true what they say. The best experiences in life are the ones you have with your buddies. And this very much applies to fuck buddies. You’re having some great sex with someone you know, trust, appreciate, like, care for, have a laugh with and more. It’s way better than a random hookup with someone whose name you forget a week later. You’re getting all the good aspects of a friendship without the drama of a relationship, and you’re getting sex on top.



Having a fuck buddy literally means you’re having your cake and eating it. You get to have great sex but you don’t need to be weighed down by the all the emotional baggage that comes from a relationship.

If you’re convinced, the next step is to go out there and get yourself a friend with benefits.

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